Eleven months

Ok, so it’s a week from their birthday, but I thought I should at least post some pictures!


I got them these new floor tiles, and they love them. I love Rachel’s feet.


Johnny’s new favorite nap spot.


This girl adores her daddy.


Everything is interesting now too!


I think they might have gotten hand, foot, and mouth. No official diagnosis, but we never went to the doctor. They had high fevers, and then red blisters on their hands and feet. Luckily it skipped their mouth. Paul was sick with a sore throat and fever first, then Johnny, then Rachel. Somehow I escaped the illness. They both had to be held all day! Thank goodness for babysitters!


First trip to Costco.


First time in the pool, J really hates it, but the water was cold.


WP_000875Paul broke his hand July 5th, cast coming off August 7th. Can’t wait!

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  • Lisa
    July 17, 2012 - 11:44 pm | Permalink

    Love all the updates:)

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