Ten Months

Ok, so they are ten and a half months, but I can’t remember the differences between today and two weeks ago, so this is really a ten and a half month update.

J & R are super cute. They play a ton together. It’s really nice that they have a built in playmate, but I still can hardly leave the room without a complete meltdown.


Army crawls, quite quickly actually. Until yesterday, she was half army/half regular crawling. Now she’s just straight up crawling. I guess she wants to keep up with her brother.

Can now pull herself up to standing on furniture and gates. Doesn’t do it in her crib yet.

Loves pureed food.  She is still a huge fan of oatmeal mixed with some sort of baby food.  She is very sensitive to food textures, but has grown to love banana chunks, strawberries, peaches, and pizza. Those are really the only chunky foods she likes. She will eat pancakes with homemade blackberry jam on them, but not straight up. Oh and she always likes to share my cold cereal with me in the morning. I usually have some fruit sliced up in it, and she loves that too.

Ham! This girl has us laughing all the time. She has big teeth with decent diastemas and her toothy grin makes me smile.

Does pretty good at the gym’s kids club.

Is a “daddy’s girl”.

Cluck’s her tongue, and we play a game clucking tongues back and forth. So cute!

Loves the tupperware cupboard.



Is a super speedy crawler. Loves to stand and cruise on the furniture. Is always standing in his crib when he wakes up.

Loves chunky foods. He will still eat oatmeal in the morning, but had a week where he wouldn’t touch the stuff for dinner. He will try anything, and usually likes it.

Hates the gym’s kids club. They have to hold him the entire time. I’m nice and keep my workout to 45 minutes.

Is a “momma’s boy”.

Loves the tupperware cupboard.

Is still a poor sleeper, but not terrible anymore Smile


Mother’s Day at Kit Carson park. The cute card Paul made with the kids.




J loves electronics, just like his daddy.




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  • Lisa
    June 11, 2012 - 9:25 pm | Permalink

    I imagine this Mother’s Day was super sweet….no more having to ‘deal’ on that day. I am so happy that I get to come hang out with you this summer. Love you lots!!

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