Seven months

Wow, February flew by. It’s usually a busy month for us because it’s my birthday and then Valentine’s Day. J and R are super cute and really interacting with us now. Unfortunately, they now notice when we leave the room. We’re working on sleep as usual. I no longer feed them at night, and their favorite bedtime is 6:30. This means that they are up around 5 am. Some nights they wake up at random hours and we let them cry themselves back to sleep. Many times they will go back to bed after nursing for a half hour or so, but we are up early, early, early.

Rachel has started to say “Ma ma ma”, mostly when she’s upset or tired. She finally cut two teeth “O” and “P”. She’s super close to sitting up on her own and has joined her brother in rolling all over the place. If J is on the floor with her, we can almost guarantee she has rolled to him and snatched his binky. She likes to chew on a binky and then spit it out. Teething has increased her fussiness exponentially. I’m glad they only teeth until 24 months-HA!  She has become seriously ticklish, and we can’t resist hearing her laugh. She is our stubborn baby, like her “Ma ma ma”, and will cry for 45 minutes or longer when she wakes up at night. We try to not let her cry longer then that, but earplugs help us go back to sleep.

Johnny has found the upper register is his voice and we, as parents, have become dependent on his binky. I am so grateful he seems to enjoy it too. We moved him up to the 6-18 month size binky and since then, he has started sucking on his tongue when he doesn’t have his binky in. He rolls to the left and right now Smile He is super close to sitting up on his own too. He has found his hands and knees and likes to rock back and forth. Crawling is around the corner.

My parents, Ashley and Miles visited last week and we took Johnny and Rachel to the beach and let the roll around on blankets and sleep in their “ErgoBabies”. They did pretty well.



I find Rachel like this regularly in her crib after crying herself to sleep.





More pictures from Ashley to come later. We love these babies!


  • Lindsey (the other one!)
    February 26, 2012 - 9:21 pm | Permalink

    Crying it out at 7 months, with twins?! Good for you!! It’s such a blessing for the whole family when everyone gets better sleep at night! They look so cute and healthy–way to go!

  • Stephanie
    March 16, 2012 - 9:28 pm | Permalink

    Lindsey, your babies are so cute! I just got caught up on the all your monthly updates. Sounds like you are sleep deprived! I still am too! 🙂 Your little Rachel reminds me so much of Mackenzie when she was a baby, just fighting and fighting to go to sleep. We sang to her for over an hour on a regular occasion until she finally would give up. We did everything! Now looking back, I don’t think I’d take the same approach. Well I am sorry I didn’t have a chance to come see you in San Diego. Believe me I wanted to, but its hard when I was with girlfriends and we had things planned. Maybe I’ll be out there another time.

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