6 months, really?

It’s pretty crazy that J and R are six months old already. By the time I get this posted, they’ll be closer to seven months. Unfortunately, six months equaled more immunizations, which really throws J for a loop. We even cut them in half this time and it didn’t help very much. He still had a 101 fever for a couple days. Luckily, he didn’t vomit every time he ate. Who knows if it was fewer immunizations or just being older? One thing is certain, I could try to figure it out over and over and over… you get the idea. They are finally starting to notice each other. It’s cute, and now sometimes annoying because they’ll grab and scratch each other without knowing what they’re doing.

Ok, so here are some brief stats.


Weight: 15 lbs 11%

Height: 27.25” 80%

Johnny is finally getting some hair. Grandma Sally says it’s growing like grass.

He’s rolling like crazy, only to the left. He goes from one end of the room to the other.

He is a fan of yoga, he just doesn’t know it yet. That kid can hold cobra for at least ten minutes. He’s also starting push-ups.

He loves his binky. The doctor was totally surprised that we got him to start taking a pacifier at four months.

Has two teeth, “O & P”.

Does great with teething, besides sleeping.

Loves the exersaucer.

Loves to sleep on his tummy.

Loves to put his feet in his mouth.

Likes water out of his sippy cup.

Eats oatmeal, bananas, sweet potatoes, applesauce, and prunes.


Weight: 15 lbs 4 oz 36%

Height: 27” 90%

Has a little hair, but it’s blonde, which equals bald.

Is finally interested in rolling. She doesn’t go far like her brother, but has mastered the skill.

Puts everything in her mouth, even a pacifier, but won’t suck on it. She just likes to chew it to death.

Is a total pill to get to sleep, she fights sleep like crazy.  Rocking, patting, singing, with her arms pinned to her side, and her head on my shoulder plus covered with a blanket is a common naptime ritual. (I’m told payback sucks, ok, I’m sorry already!)

Loves to sleep on her tummy.

Loves to drink out of her sippy cup, water only.

Eats oatmeal, sweet potatoes, bananas, applesauce, and prunes.

Loves to kick, she tries hard to kick her socks off every day. I found socks that stay on. Now she just tries to eat her feet.

Slobbers like crazy. No teeth for R yet, but I’m sure they’re soon to come.

Cute pictures to follow.

IMG_1200 IMG_1205IMG_1198

We changed their bedtime routine to include a bath.




WP_000212They hang in their highchairs while we eat dinner.

Have I mentioned how much I love sleep sacs? See J doing cobra?





These guys are so cute, and we love them. We still have major sleep issues, but it’s getting better.


  • Lisa
    February 10, 2012 - 12:13 am | Permalink

    I just miss them so much. I’ve got to see them soon!!!

  • Ash
    February 10, 2012 - 8:31 pm | Permalink

    Now this is the amount of pictures I like to see! They’re so cute! I can’t wait to see you all in real life!

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