We are one!

July 24th was a regular Tuesday for us. That includes a trip to the Farmer’s Market finishing up with dinner at EscoGelato. It was a great day, Papa Dean and Gramma Lisa met us at the Gelato shop and J & R had fresh strawberries and gelato on their birthday.


Have I mentioned that J & R love strawberries? I made them a strawberry cake the weekend before their birthday. My parents were here visiting, so we celebrated a little early.



Waiting for their cake, wondering why they’re in diapers only in their highchairs.


They are totally cute right now and we’re really starting to have fun. They no longer nurse, and have been weaned to a cup, or water bottle. Neither are really into milk, but they like yogurt and cheese.

They are both finally sleeping good. Rachel sleep 6:45-5:15 and Johnny sleeps 6:45-5:45. We finally put them back in the same room tonight. We’ll see what happens. We’re going to Coeur d’Alene at the end of the month, so we have three weeks to get them sleeping well in the same room. Fingers crossed. 

We went to the pediatrician on Monday, August 6th. Here are their stats:


Wt. 19 lbs 2 oz

Ht. 30”


Wt 18 lbs 7 oz

Ht 30”


We love you J & R! XO

Eleven months

Ok, so it’s a week from their birthday, but I thought I should at least post some pictures!


I got them these new floor tiles, and they love them. I love Rachel’s feet.


Johnny’s new favorite nap spot.


This girl adores her daddy.


Everything is interesting now too!


I think they might have gotten hand, foot, and mouth. No official diagnosis, but we never went to the doctor. They had high fevers, and then red blisters on their hands and feet. Luckily it skipped their mouth. Paul was sick with a sore throat and fever first, then Johnny, then Rachel. Somehow I escaped the illness. They both had to be held all day! Thank goodness for babysitters!


First trip to Costco.


First time in the pool, J really hates it, but the water was cold.


WP_000875Paul broke his hand July 5th, cast coming off August 7th. Can’t wait!

Ten Months

Ok, so they are ten and a half months, but I can’t remember the differences between today and two weeks ago, so this is really a ten and a half month update.

J & R are super cute. They play a ton together. It’s really nice that they have a built in playmate, but I still can hardly leave the room without a complete meltdown.


Army crawls, quite quickly actually. Until yesterday, she was half army/half regular crawling. Now she’s just straight up crawling. I guess she wants to keep up with her brother.

Can now pull herself up to standing on furniture and gates. Doesn’t do it in her crib yet.

Loves pureed food.  She is still a huge fan of oatmeal mixed with some sort of baby food.  She is very sensitive to food textures, but has grown to love banana chunks, strawberries, peaches, and pizza. Those are really the only chunky foods she likes. She will eat pancakes with homemade blackberry jam on them, but not straight up. Oh and she always likes to share my cold cereal with me in the morning. I usually have some fruit sliced up in it, and she loves that too.

Ham! This girl has us laughing all the time. She has big teeth with decent diastemas and her toothy grin makes me smile.

Does pretty good at the gym’s kids club.

Is a “daddy’s girl”.

Cluck’s her tongue, and we play a game clucking tongues back and forth. So cute!

Loves the tupperware cupboard.



Is a super speedy crawler. Loves to stand and cruise on the furniture. Is always standing in his crib when he wakes up.

Loves chunky foods. He will still eat oatmeal in the morning, but had a week where he wouldn’t touch the stuff for dinner. He will try anything, and usually likes it.

Hates the gym’s kids club. They have to hold him the entire time. I’m nice and keep my workout to 45 minutes.

Is a “momma’s boy”.

Loves the tupperware cupboard.

Is still a poor sleeper, but not terrible anymore Smile


Mother’s Day at Kit Carson park. The cute card Paul made with the kids.




J loves electronics, just like his daddy.





I love summer, and I feel like it has arrived (don’t forget that I live in San Diego).  A couple of weeks ago I went to the grocery store and they had lots of stone fruit. Nectarines are my favorite! I splurged and paid $2.99/lb, (sorry Grandma!). Yesterday, I picked blackberries and peaches in my yard and made a tart. It was seriously delicious. Summer to me is long days, late walks, the beach, berries, stone fruit, sunscreen, air conditioning, swimming and much more.

We took Johnny and Rachel to the beach on Saturday. The weather was perfect, and I even took Rachel out of the Ergo and let the water hit her feet. She shuddered a bit, but I think it was the temperature.

This summer, J and R will be one. It means last year at this time I had stopped working and was grossly humongous with two babies making me seriously hot. I swam many times a week and took as good of care as possible of all three of us. J and R’s birthday will make another reason to love, and look forward to summer.

9 months

J and R had their nine month check-up last week. We unfortunately had to do immunizations again because I elected to only do half of their six month shots. I can say they did better with them this time. Rachel seems to do quite well with them, it’s Johnny that can’t tolerate them very well. He didn’t seem to spit up any more than usual, and he has been sleeping awful, so who knows!

J and R are tons of fun now. They are both crawling. J started April 10th, right after my parents and grandma were here for Easter. R only “army” crawls, and I would guess she started about a week after J. My mom got them a jumperoo and they both adore it. They both have learned a few tricks recently. They can give “five” on command and they both can wave with a little encouragement.  They love jewelry, which I no longer wear.

We started going to the gym in April. It only took three weeks to get a cold. I don’t know if it’s from the gym or church, but both J and R are sick right now, and Paul and I might go down too. I haven’t had a cold since March 2011, when I was pregnant with them and still working. I’ve enjoyed being healthy.


Height: 28.5”

Weight: 16 lb 12 oz

Head: 46 cm

J is our social kid. Anyone can hold him and he’s happy as a clam. He give strangers a huge smile under his binky. He’s still teething, but his last lateral is 1/3 of the way through. Hopefully we’ll have a furlough from teething and once this cold is done he’ll start sleeping better. He actually has been better the last two nights. He still takes 3-4 45 min naps.


Height: 28.5”

Weight: 16 lb 9 oz

Head: 45 cm

R is our sensitive kid. She takes everything personally and either likes you or not. (She’s seriously like me!) She is a total ham around me and Paul. Her favorite time to giggle is in the tub. She’s taking one serious nap a day now, and one shorty. She’s been sleeping 7-5 most nights.

IMG_1362 IMG_1370






We had a visit from Lismarie and her family and Uncle Nate. We went to the beach together!


Eight Months Old

Wow! The last month flew by, almost. This last week has been another week of rough sleep, mostly for Johnny. There’s lots of teething, constipation, and gas issues going on in our home right now. We are again TIRED. J & R have become tons of fun with all of their new tricks and things are getting easier.


Rocks on his hands a knees all the time. He’ll even dive forward, but hasn’t figured out how to move his arms yet. He has also mastered the 360 tummy pivot.

Says “da da” and “mam, ma ma ma”.

Has some GI issues. We’re experimenting with probiotics.

Sits up pretty well.

Still only has two teeth, but two more are on their way.

Figuring out eating Cheerios.

Loves his new bath toys.

Loves to give open mouth kisses.

Loves his new sunglasses.



Rolls all over the place. Hasn’t really found her hands and knees, but now does cobra.

Says “ma ma”, “da”, and “ba”. She babbles much of the day.

Tumbles over whenever she sits up.

Has four teeth, with two more to come this week. She cut her upper laterals a few weeks ago. We lovingly call her “fang”.

Loves to eat Cheerios.

Loves her bath toys.

Uses her index fingers to feel things, and pick up cheerios. She figured out if she keeps her index fingers wet, the cheerio will just stick to it.

Not a huge fan of her sunglasses.

Freaks out whenever I leave the room, ugh.









Seven months

Wow, February flew by. It’s usually a busy month for us because it’s my birthday and then Valentine’s Day. J and R are super cute and really interacting with us now. Unfortunately, they now notice when we leave the room. We’re working on sleep as usual. I no longer feed them at night, and their favorite bedtime is 6:30. This means that they are up around 5 am. Some nights they wake up at random hours and we let them cry themselves back to sleep. Many times they will go back to bed after nursing for a half hour or so, but we are up early, early, early.

Rachel has started to say “Ma ma ma”, mostly when she’s upset or tired. She finally cut two teeth “O” and “P”. She’s super close to sitting up on her own and has joined her brother in rolling all over the place. If J is on the floor with her, we can almost guarantee she has rolled to him and snatched his binky. She likes to chew on a binky and then spit it out. Teething has increased her fussiness exponentially. I’m glad they only teeth until 24 months-HA!  She has become seriously ticklish, and we can’t resist hearing her laugh. She is our stubborn baby, like her “Ma ma ma”, and will cry for 45 minutes or longer when she wakes up at night. We try to not let her cry longer then that, but earplugs help us go back to sleep.

Johnny has found the upper register is his voice and we, as parents, have become dependent on his binky. I am so grateful he seems to enjoy it too. We moved him up to the 6-18 month size binky and since then, he has started sucking on his tongue when he doesn’t have his binky in. He rolls to the left and right now Smile He is super close to sitting up on his own too. He has found his hands and knees and likes to rock back and forth. Crawling is around the corner.

My parents, Ashley and Miles visited last week and we took Johnny and Rachel to the beach and let the roll around on blankets and sleep in their “ErgoBabies”. They did pretty well.



I find Rachel like this regularly in her crib after crying herself to sleep.





More pictures from Ashley to come later. We love these babies!

6 months, really?

It’s pretty crazy that J and R are six months old already. By the time I get this posted, they’ll be closer to seven months. Unfortunately, six months equaled more immunizations, which really throws J for a loop. We even cut them in half this time and it didn’t help very much. He still had a 101 fever for a couple days. Luckily, he didn’t vomit every time he ate. Who knows if it was fewer immunizations or just being older? One thing is certain, I could try to figure it out over and over and over… you get the idea. They are finally starting to notice each other. It’s cute, and now sometimes annoying because they’ll grab and scratch each other without knowing what they’re doing.

Ok, so here are some brief stats.


Weight: 15 lbs 11%

Height: 27.25” 80%

Johnny is finally getting some hair. Grandma Sally says it’s growing like grass.

He’s rolling like crazy, only to the left. He goes from one end of the room to the other.

He is a fan of yoga, he just doesn’t know it yet. That kid can hold cobra for at least ten minutes. He’s also starting push-ups.

He loves his binky. The doctor was totally surprised that we got him to start taking a pacifier at four months.

Has two teeth, “O & P”.

Does great with teething, besides sleeping.

Loves the exersaucer.

Loves to sleep on his tummy.

Loves to put his feet in his mouth.

Likes water out of his sippy cup.

Eats oatmeal, bananas, sweet potatoes, applesauce, and prunes.


Weight: 15 lbs 4 oz 36%

Height: 27” 90%

Has a little hair, but it’s blonde, which equals bald.

Is finally interested in rolling. She doesn’t go far like her brother, but has mastered the skill.

Puts everything in her mouth, even a pacifier, but won’t suck on it. She just likes to chew it to death.

Is a total pill to get to sleep, she fights sleep like crazy.  Rocking, patting, singing, with her arms pinned to her side, and her head on my shoulder plus covered with a blanket is a common naptime ritual. (I’m told payback sucks, ok, I’m sorry already!)

Loves to sleep on her tummy.

Loves to drink out of her sippy cup, water only.

Eats oatmeal, sweet potatoes, bananas, applesauce, and prunes.

Loves to kick, she tries hard to kick her socks off every day. I found socks that stay on. Now she just tries to eat her feet.

Slobbers like crazy. No teeth for R yet, but I’m sure they’re soon to come.

Cute pictures to follow.

IMG_1200 IMG_1205IMG_1198

We changed their bedtime routine to include a bath.




WP_000212They hang in their highchairs while we eat dinner.

Have I mentioned how much I love sleep sacs? See J doing cobra?





These guys are so cute, and we love them. We still have major sleep issues, but it’s getting better.

Christmas 2011

What a special year for us, a Christmas of many firsts. Our first Christmas with Johnny and Rachel, our first Christmas in our new home, our first Christmas without any other family, just us. It was a little sad to not be with family, but we are still zombies, so it wasn’t nearly as painful as I thought it would be. Luckily we have skype and could see both of our families this year.

J & R woke a little early, so I fed them at 5:45 and they went back to bed. I had to wake Rachel up at 8:20 so I could feed them and make it to church by 9. Hence the reason they wore their jammies to church. We only had time to eat a yogurt for breakfast and came home and had mush and an english muffin. No muss, no fuss. I’m embracing being a twin mom. We went to some dear friends for Christmas dinner and I took 12 layer jello and a berry salad. It was a lovely meal. We finally opened gifts after J & R went down for an afternoon nap. So non-traditional and easy. It was a lovely day.

Grandpa Doug and Grandma Sally come to visit

My parents came to visit the weekend before Christmas. It was a whirlwind trip, but we were so happy to have them. We pretty much stayed home, although I got out of the house all by myself to do some grocery shopping. We finally caught Rachel smiling on camera. I posted them all because I can’t decide which one I like better. I have no idea where Johnny was while we did this. I think my mom has the photo of her with both babies.